Advantages of Direct Mail


  • Selectivity: unlike a print advert, you can select exactly who you wish to communicate with. Asith email, there is no need to mail to an entire database list unless you want to.  You can select prospects based on information such as their postal code, purchase history, special interests and any other information that matches your product or message.  Your costs are therefore spent on a well-defined group of people, something you cannot achieve with general advertising.
  • Direct mail is personal: A letter enables one to speak to customers in a more personal tone than an advert.  Also, when they read your newspaper advert they’re seeing the same message as everyone else.  With direct mail, they feel they’re treated as a separate entity.
  • There’s less competition for the reader’s attention: Because your mailshot is delivered to your prospect’s home or office, it does not have to compete with adverts appearing on the same newspaper page.
  • There are few limitations on formats: One can be creative and novel in the way one packages messages (subject to post office restrictions!).
  • Direct mail is measurable: Provided you have some form of measurement technique built into your mailing, you can determine exactly how much it costs to make a sale or to gain a prospect.  The potential of a specific market to purchase can be accurately determined.
  • The reader’s attention can be held for longer: If your approach is well structured and aimed at the right reader, it probably will be granted more attention than an advert.  A lengthier sales message can be used to make your point.
  • Market situations can be reacted to quickly: Whereas printed publications usually have long deadlines for booking of advertising space, direct mail lets you react quickly.  How long does it take to produce and mail a brief letter?
  • It makes it easier to structure your message: Because it’s selective, you can choose WHO you want to talk to.  That’s a great help when it comes to formulating the most effective message — an advantage no general advertisement gives you.


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