There’s a wide range of advertising media

Virtually anything can become some sort of advertising or promotional medium – from a printed box of matches to a T-shirt. If it can deliver your message, it’s a medium!

Traditionally, such channels are classified as either Above-The_line or Below-The-Line.

Above-The_line media

  • Print media such as newspapers, directories, fliers and brochures, programmes, magazines
  • Television
  • Radio

Below-The_line media

  • Websites (now considered to be more above-the-line)
  • Email
  • Posters
  • Signage
  • Sales Promotion activities such as events, in-store promotions, competitions

Additional media
Strictly speaking these are below-the-line media, but because they’re so often overlooked I like to keep them in a separate category. They provide some great ideas for promoting our products and services.

  • book matches
  • lighters
  • balloons
  • beer mats
  • calendars
  • dart boards
  • maps, such as those distributed by estate agents or tourism bodies
  • diaries
  • golf scorecards
  • jotters
  • club notice boards
  • road signs (make sure you comply with legislation!)
  • sports programmes
  • town guides
  • bulletin boards in waiting rooms, libraries, at sports clubs
  • entrance tickets to events
  • airline tickets
  • sports boards
  • banners
  • building signs
  • posters
  • newsletters of organisations such as art societies, golf clubs
  • grocery bags
  • bookmarks for distribution through libraries
  • bumper stickers
  • Xmas cards
  • Notepads
  • taxis
  • key rings
  • annual reports
  • envelopes
  • receipts and invoices
  • business cards
  • compliment slips
  • letterheads.

The list can be virtually endless! It’s always best to evaluate each opportunity in terms of how it matches your business environment. Does it suit the product or service, and is it relevant to your prospects and customers?

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