Appointment Books

personalised appointment books

These are Appointment Books used by Hair & Beauty Salons, Medical Practices — any business which needs an appointment book structured to their individual requirements.

This example is an Appointment Book designed for a Sole Operator with 2 days per page, from 08:00 till 18:00.

The front cover is printed with the individual business’s logo in colour with a year-calendar on the inside.
The front and rear covers are laminated and the entire book is wire-ring bound.

There are 100 pages printed on both sides in black ink. A 50-page book is also an option.
There is the option of using some of the pages towards the rear of the book as contact lists — name and telephone number, for instance. A sample is shown at the back of this example.

Download the PDF file of this example HERE.

This example of an Appointment Book is designed for a salon with 2 operators. Each page has 3 panels of 2 columns each. So, Name 1 would use the first column, Name 2, the second, Name 1 the third, then Name 2 would use the first column on the reverse of the page. Or, Name 1 could use all 3 columns on the page and Name 2 the 3 on the reverse.

The times run from 08:00 till 16:45.

The specifications are the same as for Example 1.

Download the PDF versions of this example HERE.


  • Option 1: Purchase template only: R100
    You will be e-mailed an editable version of the template in both PDF and Word formats. You can either edit this yourself or give it to a designer or printer of your choice and get them to make whatever changes you would like to see prior to printing.
  • Option 2: Purchase the template & get Talk 2 to make the required changes: R175.
    You will be e-mailed the final version of the template in both PDF and Word form for printing by a service provider of your choice.
  • Option 3: You purchase the template, get Talk 2 to make the changes AND print and bind the book: R275
    A 50 page version of this option costs R195.
  • These prices include delivery within the Hermanus area. For areas outside of Hermanus, courier or postal deliveries can be arranged.

Please contact Talk 2 with your requirements HERE.