Appointment Books

personalised appointment books

These are Appointment Books used by Hair & Beauty Salons, Medical Practices — any business which needs an appointment book structured to their individual requirements.

We prepare them in A4 and A3 size, depending on the number of persons each sheet must cater for. Usually, the A4 format caters for up to 3 people with the A3 version for up to 7 people. Each can be adapted to individual requirements, including the range of hours and days. In other words, tell us what you want and we’ll set it up for you.

They are printed with your logo on the cover, a year calendar on the inside of the cover, 100 double-sided sheets per book, and bound into a book on the left.

These forms are also available for you to purchase as templates.  Visit

You can then edit the Word version and get them printed by your printer or copy shop, or even on your home printer as you need.

The template package will include a year calendar and an Excel spreadsheet which you can use to merge Day, Date, Month, Year as they are printed.

Please contact Talk 2 with your requirements HERE.