Appreciate your customers

It gets repeated over and over – but that’s because it’s so true and so critical to the success of any business: Repeat customers are our lifeblood.

It’s a proven fact that happy customers make repeat purchases and, not only that, they tell all their friends. Which means more customers. Customer appreciation is the best way to create customer loyalty.

When you are happy or excited about a product or service you tell others about your experience … when you’ve had a great time at restaurant, you go back again. And when the experience is bad? Well, you don’t return and you make sure everyone knows how you feel!

We’ve all experienced being snubbed by a store clerk – usually we walk out without making any purchase. The reverse also applies: we walk into a store with no real intention of making a purchase, but the service is so friendly, the atmosphere is warm, so we end up walking out with lots of goodies!

Good customer service will never go out of style. It can be something simple like a friendly voice or courteous service. In short, be nice and the customers will come – and remain with you.

Did a patron perhaps wait longer than usual to get served in your restaurant? A free drink will work wonders.

Consider customer reward programmes where you offer something free with every purchase, or arrange an “appreciation” event especially for them.

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