Business Cards

Business cardsWe print business cards for a wide variety of local businesses – as well as many from elsewhere in South Africa and also abroad.

Small yet incredibly powerful if designed and used correctly, the business card is a marketing tool which deserves far more attention than many give it.

They are an affordable and portable advertisement of you and your business. They have to work very hard and so must rely on far more than just “a pretty face”. Creating your business card should be a complete marketing exercise which takes into account:

  • Your logo design
  • The design or layout of your business cards
  • What details to include
  • Best ways to use your business cards

Clients are welcome to provide their own artwork – as long as it is print-ready – but at Talk 2 we design the bulk of the cards ourselves.

As with our other products, we are geared towards the small to medium size business and specialize in the the supply of lower volumes. Our minimum order quantity is 100 cards and we supply up to 500 cards.

Our business cards are printed on a matte or gloss surface, with the rear being matte only. Numerous examples are available for inspection in our office. Although cards can be printed to any size that the client prefers, we advise opting for the standard 85x50mm format. Such cards fit into wallets without the edges folding over, and they also fit the majority of business card holders.

Business Card examples:

Please refer to our Business Card Tips section in the Marketing Tips category of this website.
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