Corporate Identity

Business Names

It goes without saying that selecting a name for your business is one of the most crucial decisions you face. It’s the very first thing that almost all of your customers learn about you, and it’s something you can’t chop and change all the time. Your business name means everything when it comes to marketing […]

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Can a bad logo affect business?

How much time and thought did you put into creating your logo? If your logo was an afterthought, then it is time to reconsider it. Don’t make the grave mistake of underestimating the power your logo has to either make or break your business marketing and branding efforts. Is your bad logo affecting your business? […]

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Design your own logo?

Why You Should Not Try to Create Your Own Logo It is understandable that, as a business owner, you want to save on overhead costs wherever you can.  However, in some cases, saving money now could end up costing to a lot of money in the future.  One such area in which you should not […]

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What You Should Get From Your Logo Designer

You’ve had that beautiful logo designed and now you’re ready to get things printed – flyers, signs, T-shirts, websites, etc. All too often we leave our precious artwork with whomever designed it for us. That’s fine, but always insist that you get copies as well. You’ve paid for it and it’s your property. Besides, what […]

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The significance of a logo

What is the Significance of a Logo? As a business owner, you are responsible for marketing your business in a way that will increase your bottom line and protect your future feasibility.  Your business branding is tantamount to your success, as it is what etches your product or service into the minds of existing and […]

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Logo Design Mistakes

Top 5 Common Mistakes in Logo Design Your logo is one of the most important components of your business branding.  Studies show that people are more responsive to images than they are to text, so it is safe to say that your logo is more powerful when it comes to marketing than anything you may […]

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Freelance Designer or Design Company?

Should You Hire a Freelance or Design Company for Your Logo? If you find yourself considering your options when it comes to hiring a professional to create your business logo, then you no doubt already understand the importance of having a good logo.  Otherwise, you would be making the grave mistake of going the create-your-own […]

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Your Slogan

A Slogan A slogan is your company or brand’s statement, a single-sentence summary of the image or promise they wish to project. Slogans are meant to be positive projections, but we’ve all heard of them being thrown back at their owners from time to time — usually in an insulting fashion! By the way, “slogan” […]

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Your Logo

The Logo Think of a logo as the badge or crest of a company or product. A well-known example is the BP shield or Mercedes Benz’s three-pointed star. Designing the perfect logo for your business is no small task.  After all, it is your logo that arguably carries the most weight when it comes to […]

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