Customer Retention

Is one follow-up enough?

Are you part of the crowd who make up a shocking majority of marketers? The ones who only send out one follow up email, or make one follow up phone call? There’s a very simple reason why this simply isn’t enough: Conventional, proven sales wisdom states that it normally takes more than 7 contacts to […]

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Communicating with your customers

We know that our existing customer is our most important asset, one which demands careful nurturing. Regular communication makes it easier for us to sell to them in the future, because they will have become used to our acknowledgement of their custom. With electronic methods staying in touch is quick, simple and inexpensive. We must […]

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Use your customers

They’re our greatest assets – so why not make full use of them? Our existing customers provide a great way to attract new ones – simply by making use of them in our marketing. It shouldn’t be approached as a “one-way street”, but rather as an opportunity for both of you to benefit. By including […]

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Customer Retention for Growth

Customer Retention Any business – big or small – increases its turnover in 4 ways: Retaining customers Gaining more customers Increasing the frequency of transactions per customer Increasing the value of purchases or the range across which such purchases are spread. For example, getting a customer to buy a product and then its accessories at […]

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How to handle customer complaints

The Right Way to Deal With Your Customers No matter how professionally we run our business, chances are that somewhere along the line something will go wrong. Handling customer complaints in a positive way can not only repair the harm that’s been done, but enhance your future relationship when the customer: Explain what is it […]

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Let customers know they are special

A good example of how customer communications can stand you in good stead is a situation where your suppliers advise that a new or revised product range is to be launched in the near future. The good news is that during the first month of the launch period, the price will be the same as […]

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Appreciate your customers

It gets repeated over and over – but that’s because it’s so true and so critical to the success of any business: Repeat customers are our lifeblood. It’s a proven fact that happy customers make repeat purchases and, not only that, they tell all their friends. Which means more customers. Customer appreciation is the best […]

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