Direct Mail

How to improve Response Rates

Guidelines for better overall response rates Build each mailing around a specific offer or action you require of the prospect, and always use the best idea you have.  Sometimes it’s tempting to exploit an old one just because it’s there … resist the notion. Always make sure your business name and address appear elsewhere apart […]

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Direct Mail is alive and well

Thanks to the overuse of email marketing, Direct Mail has once again become a communication channel worth consideration by businesses of all sizes. As with any form of communication, there are many aspects to be considered before we can use this marketing method to its full potential. What about the hated “Junk Mail”? One can […]

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Advantages of Direct Mail

  Selectivity: unlike a print advert, you can select exactly who you wish to communicate with. Asith email, there is no need to mail to an entire database list unless you want to.  You can select prospects based on information such as their postal code, purchase history, special interests and any other information that matches […]

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Putting Direct Mail to use

Direct mail messages should ideally ask for some kind of response, though this is not always necessary.  Still, always consider how a response to something you intend mailing out will help make your sales approaches more profitable.  Because it provides you with a measurement of interest, it’s an ideal way of finding out where your […]

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Formats for Direct Mail

These are the ways in which you can present your direct communications to your prospects … BUT, the result is going to be affected by your message or offer, not merely its presentation. Still, an attractive package obviously influences its chances of being opened and read.  You talk to your reader with every element of […]

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Direct Mail Letters

You’ve no doubt seen enough examples of direct mail letters in your own mail to know they appear somewhat different to the standard business letter.  That’s because they have a very different job to do – they have to sell! Don’t, however, feel obliged to be “weird and wonderful” if you feel that approach is […]

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How to Write Sales Letters

Remember that good copy is not what you want to say about your products or services … it’s what your customer gets out of them. No matter if what you are about to communicate concerns a product or service, information or a request for details, you have to know the strongest appeal it holds for […]

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The Envelope

Although the appearance of your envelope can help get it opened, beware of being “over-enthusiastic” with glitzy designs or teaser messages.  If your message or offer doesn’t live up to what the envelope promises, the reader might feel disappointed and frustrated.  That’ll count against a response. For business communications, it’s better to be conservative.  Plain […]

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Checklist for Letters

Is the quality of paper you’re using acceptable? Have you printed on one side only?  If not, rather go an extra page. Is there sufficient personalisation? Is the most powerful benefit or strongest aspect of your offer stated at the start? Is your offer repeated in the letter, and in different ways?  Is the offer […]

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