Changing your advertisement



Why change your advert?  Be careful about doing that … readers prefer consistency when it comes to your advertising, and changing your marketing standpoint too often merely serves to confuse them.

You must allow time for your sales message to work, to let your audience become aware of it and familiarise themselves with its content, to understand and accept what you are saying.  And to remember it!  They are not as interested in your advert as you are, so don’t change it merely because you’re bored with seeing it week after week.

Still, there are good reasons for changing an advert:

  • A product change.
  • When you plan to expand your audience, and your advert is clearly aimed at a particular market segment.
  • If it uses a topical angle which becomes outdated.
  • When the basis of your advert does not work.

If you do change, be careful of a message that alters too drastically.  You can’t be a “straight deal, straight price” marketer today and “The best deal in town” wheeler dealer tomorrow.

Change your adverts if you must, but never merely for the sake of change!

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