Checklist for Letters

  • Is the quality of paper you’re using acceptable?
  • Have you printed on one side only?  If not, rather go an extra page.
  • Is there sufficient personalisation?
  • Is the most powerful benefit or strongest aspect of your offer stated at the start?
  • Is your offer repeated in the letter, and in different ways?
  •  Is the offer stated clearly and simply?
  • Does the text look overwhelming?  What about indenting, revising paragraphs, highlights, underlining?  Notes in margins?  Are the margins wide enough?
  •  Can you use illustrations? Did you?
  • Is there a P.S.?
  • Have you made it clear what the reader must do?  And by when?  Is this contained in your closing paragraph?
  • Is there an incentive for the reader to respond?  At the very least, have you included a deadline?
  • Is your entire package, especially the offer, in line with your overall marketing plan?  Does it integrate properly with your other promotional activities?
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