Examples of Fillable or Interactive PDFs

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order form interacive pdfA4 Order Form with automatic calculations
This is an example of an A4 order form where calculations are automatically performed as price etc are typed into the fields. You simply fill in the client details, product description, unit price and quantity, and the total price per item is automatically calculated. The various Product Model categories are then added together, VAT applied, and a Total figure produced.




A4 Invoice without automatic calculations
This is an example of an A4 invoice form where no calculations are performed.
You fill in all the details: client information, product info, unit price and quantity, total price per item, the Subtotal, VAT and Total. This is most often used when a normal printed invoice is first produced and the information then copied over to a fillable PDF for emailing to a client.
When fields need to be automatically calculated, please see the example of an A4 Invoice with Calculations.



A4 Invoice with automatic calculations
This an invoice where fields such as quantity and unit priced are filled in, then the rest of the caluclations are performed automatically. Sub-totals and VAT are also calculated.






A5 invoice interactiveA5 Invoice with Promotional Message
This is an example of an A5 invoice form where one panel is used for promotional purposes or whatever message you want to convey.
The reason for this is that An A5 size form can look strange when printed out in Portrait – it “floats” a bit. If you don’t require an A4 size, rather go landscape – 2 x A5 panels – and use the one for a  promotional message.
The fields in the invoice can also be made calculable, so that totals and VAT are automatically calculated when details such as quantity and unit price are entered. To see how this works, look at the A4 version with automatically calculated fields.

Credit Application Form
This form uses a very basic Credit Application example. It illustrates how the fields can be entered by the applicant, and shows how a page of Terms and Conditions can be included.