Is one follow-up enough?

Are you part of the crowd who make up a shocking majority of marketers? The ones who only send out one follow up email, or make one follow up phone call?

There’s a very simple reason why this simply isn’t enough: Conventional, proven sales wisdom states that it normally takes more than 7 contacts to result in a sale.

By limiting yourself to one… or two… or even just three follow up contacts, you’re automatically slashing your odds of making a sale by about 80%.

Seems like a tragic waste of all that hard work and marketing effort, don’t you think?

“But I’ve Run Out of Follow Up Ideas…”

Well, luckily, here is a big one you can put to immediate use:

1. Use the Phone – Add a checkbox to your sign up form saying “contact me by telephone” (Offer to answer 1-3 questions during their “free 10 minute consultation”. Limit it to “the first XX people” – whatever number you desire – to add the element of exclusivity.)

After you’ve sent out your three value-packed emails and established some sort of rapport with your customer, phone the ones who ticked off “contact me by telephone”. They won’t be a large majority – but the numbers might be larger than you think (especially if you’ve done a really good job of connecting with your content and they have questions they’re dying to ask!)

What Do You Say when You Phone Them?

Introduce yourself. Thank them warmly for their interest, make 60 seconds of small talk, then cheerfully say: “What burning question can I answer for you today?” Give them their answer, keep them on topic – and if they want to talk more, have your offer for telephone coaching ready. (But don’t pressure them – give them a graceful out, and they’ll remember you with gratitude.)

If you can get up the nerve to do it, a telephone call such as this, following a few emails laden with valuable tips, can bring the highest return of all!

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