Freelance Designer or Design Company?

Should You Hire a Freelance or Design Company for Your Logo?
If you find yourself considering your options when it comes to hiring a professional to create your business logo, then you no doubt already understand the importance of having a good logo.  Otherwise, you would be making the grave mistake of going the create-your-own or clipart route.  Because your logo is so integral to your business branding (and ultimately your business success), it’s worth it for you to put some serious time and consideration into who to entrust with the task of creating your logo.  Should you hire a freelance or design company?

 Here are some things to consider when making this decision:

  • Pricing.  Freelancers are less likely to have the overhead costs of a design company, and it is generally much less expensive to have your work done by a freelancer.  Additionally, it is easier and simpler to bargain with a freelancer than it is with a company, which is likely to have a pricing guide established for all designs.  However, it is also true that design companies sometimes run promotions that allow you to get a logo designed for a drastically reduced rate.  The point is to shop around.
  • Perspective.  When you hire a freelancer, you are working with one person – and just one perspective.  When you hire a design company, you have the benefit of knowing that a number of professionals will be considering your logo design and contributing multiple perspectives that can be used to better your logo.  If you believe in the old saying that two heads are better than one, you should consider hiring a design team at a company.
  • Return policy.  Don’t forget that freelancers are individuals who are in business for themselves.  That means they get to make their own rules, and they rarely have a higher-up to answer to if they don’t get the job done to the customer’s satisfaction.  This means that it may be very difficult to return a freelancer’s bad logo design for a refund if you are not happy with it.  On the other hand, a design company is more likely to have a well-defined protocol in place for when a customer is not happy, which means that it should be much easier for you to address the problem of unsatisfactory work, if or when the issue comes up.


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