Promote with PDF files

Wouldn’t it be great if a special sales message opens up when a reader closes your PDF file? A message telling them about a new product or event, or asking them to opt-in to your mailing list?

Most businesses use PDF files to promote their products or services.
But, as with most documents, people might have good intentions of getting back to it or to act on it, but often never do. What you need is a little helper to gently “prompt”them …

Here’s how you can make your promotional PDFs do so much more for you:PDF with sales message

When your customer closes your PDF file, up pops a message box.

  • It could be a sales message. You could ask them to visit your store, or announce a new product
  • use it to announce a special offer
  • it could direct them to a website of your choice
  • you could alert them to a forthcoming event, service or new product launch
  • it could contain an opt-in form inviting them to join your mailing list
  • it could send an email from them to your inbox
  • it could be anything you like!

Or, you could have any of those occur when the PDF is opened. Or both, a message on opening and an opt-in prompt on closing.

Download these Example PDFs here

Example-1 demonstrates how to use a message to alert the reader to a product event on opening the PDF. Then, on closing, you urge them to act by requesting them to email you for info.

Example-2 illustrates a message box that pops up on Open and prompts the reader to visit a website. On Close, it invites them to register for more information.

Interested in having your own PDFs becoming more effective?

  • I can do it for you at just R125 per PDF (bulk arrangements can be negotiated if you want frequent message changes or different types of messages).


If you’d like me to help you, just pop off this email and I’ll tell you what’s required. It’s pretty straightforward: you send me your PDF (one that’s not encrypted (password protected) along with your message requirements. If you don’t have a PDF and would like me to set one up for you, that can be arranged. Price will depend on complexity.