Raffle and Entry Tickets

Raffle Tickets, or tickets being sold for an event, are also an item of promotion and should reflect one’s company image.

Example of a raffle ticket by Talk 2Such tickets also offer a very good sponsorship opportunity, as most organisations will gladly allow the sponsor to place a marketing message on the ticket. Opt for the front whenever possible, or go for a more detailed advert on the rear. Visit our Sponsorship Tips page to see how sponsorship of tickets can be effectively utilised.

We pack them according to client needs, as little as 10 tickets per pack.  This makes it easier when there are quite a few people selling the tickets.  Tickets can also be individually numbered if required, e.g., F001 – F050 to identify a particular seller. This can be useful if there is a sales incentive involved.

Apart from the raffle style of ticket there is also a 105mm x 99mm size which is generally used for concerts, and printed on board. These are numbered – most are numbered twice so one section can be torn off upon entry to facilitate better control. Having two numbers is of course essential if there is a lucky draw.

Another popular size is the “9-up” – 70mm x 99mm.