Raffle and Events Tickets

Sponsoring raffle tickets or tickets to events can be a very effective way of promoting your business:

  • Each ticket sold  is an advertising exposure.
  • When it’s for a future event, the ticket may even be viewed more than once.
  • It’s a way of demonstrating support for a local charity or organisations such as schools or sports clubs, while still being able to get across a commercial message.
  • It can used to make a special offer which can only be redeemed by production of the ticket. This makes the campaign measurable as  well and also extends the life of the advertising message.
  • It’s fixed-cost advertising which makes it easy to budget for.

As with all sponsorships, it’s wise to determine exactly what is required for the entire campaign:

  • Number of tickets that must be printed
  • Make sure you have all the details to go on the ticket, such as:
    • draw/event date and place
    • prizes where applicable
    • specific rules  such as being present at the draw in order to qualify
    • cost of ticket
    • qualifying question if required
  • What you get for your sponsorship: advertising message on the front, on the rear, or both?
  • Will the ticket front be in colour or black ink only? Can you place a message on the rear as well?
  • Must they be packed into specific quantities by the printer?
  • Is there special numbering required?

Getting details like these ready before the time will help guide your printer to give an exact quote.

The front of the ticket will obviously have higher visibility for an advertising message, but space restraints may result in your having a one-line message only. It will be worth the extra expense to print on the rear … you can then use that space for a special offer or simply more details about your company or a particular product you wish to promote at that point in time.

For examples of tickets take a look here.

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