Starting My Own Business: My Name, Logo & Slogan

Naming your businessThe perfect guide for those about to embark on starting their own business or for those who feel their company name and logo is not working the way it should. Starting my Business: My Name, Logo & Slogan provides all the information you need to consider when it comes to these three elements of your new enterprise.

Making the wrong choices at the start cannot easily be rectified, and this guide gives all the necessary pointers that can save you a great deal of marketing expense at a later stage. It covers aspects such as:

  • Knowing the difference between Branding and Corporate Identity
  • The types of business names one should consider
  • Do’s and Dont’s when considering a name
  • Elements of a logo
  • Who should design your logo?
  • What colours should represent your company?
  • What is a slogan and should you have one?
  • What type of artwork must you get from designers or printers?

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