Changing your advertisement

Advertising CHANGING YOUR ADVERTS Why change your advert?  Be careful about doing that … readers prefer consistency when it comes to your advertising, and changing your marketing standpoint too often merely serves to confuse them. You must allow time for your sales message to work, to let your audience become aware of it and familiarise […]

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Advertising Frequency

How often should you advertise? Obviously, that’s going to depend on the specific campaign you have in mind, your business objectives, stock, and the market situation. But, it’s worth bearing in mind that the point of advertising is to get people to read the advertisement and to elicit from them the desired response. Just because […]

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Advertising Snipes

A method of attracting attention and supporting a headline is using what advertisers call SNIPES. They are different to a sub-head which supports the headline, in that they provide an additional call to action. Snipes are often set at an angle across the top of the advert and are a quick way of offering an […]

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Teaser Advertising

Teaser Advertising is exactly what the name implies: an advertisement or series of advertisements designed to: create awareness arouse interest and curiosity to forestall the target audience from making a purchase from the opposition. It is most effective just before launching a new product or announcing a sale. to alert customers to a forthcoming promotion […]

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