business cards

History of Business Cards

Originally known as a visiting card or calling card, the forerunner of the modern day business card first appeared in China in the 15th century. Only in the 17th century did the card make its appearance in Europe, where it was passed from the footmen of aristocrats and royalty to the servants of those they […]

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What to put on your Business Card

What information should appear on your business card? Quite apart from how attractive your business card is in a graphical sense, it must always be remembered that this small promotional item performs a huge task in terms of providing information about you and your business. Consider including at least some of the following (a few, […]

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Double-sided Business Cards

To do or not to do! There are pro’s and con’s associated with printing on the rear of your business card, and both arguments have merits. When asked, I usually advise clients to avoid it if they can, but if the amount of information you need to include necessitates it, then by all means do […]

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Prospecting with your Business Card

Prospecting With Your Business Card There are many ways in which you can and should use your business card for prospecting. Which is why it’s absolutely critical that you learn to always have a supply of business cards on your person or close at hand. Equally as important is the means to store and administer […]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Business Cards

Here are some quick tips on what to consider when planning your business card: Avoid having a business card that does not “stand out”. The majority of business cards make little impression when viewed amongst a batch of others. Yours must look and feel different. Your business card must clearly define what your business does […]

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