Integrating Media with a Sales Promotion

Here’s an example of how a promotion or special event can be used to gain names for email or direct mail follow-up. Although we will look at how a service station (gas station, filling station) structured its promotion, this could be any type of special event or competition where the public comes into direct contact […]

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Changing your advertisement

Advertising CHANGING YOUR ADVERTS Why change your advert?  Be careful about doing that … readers prefer consistency when it comes to your advertising, and changing your marketing standpoint too often merely serves to confuse them. You must allow time for your sales message to work, to let your audience become aware of it and familiarise […]

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Customer Retention for Growth

Customer Retention Any business – big or small – increases its turnover in 4 ways: Retaining customers Gaining more customers Increasing the frequency of transactions per customer Increasing the value of purchases or the range across which such purchases are spread. For example, getting a customer to buy a product and then its accessories at […]

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Business Names

It goes without saying that selecting a name for your business is one of the most crucial decisions you face. It’s the very first thing that almost all of your customers learn about you, and it’s something you can’t chop and change all the time. Your business name means everything when it comes to marketing […]

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How to prepare a marketing budget There are many methods of budgeting for marketing, but the following are those most likely to be used by the small to medium business: Rule of thumb. this is simply a question of “How much can I afford to spend?” The dangers inherent in this approach are obvious, as […]

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Special Offers

A well structured Special Offer can be a great way to: attract new buyers who can then be introduced to your other products … at FULL price! entice back “lost” customers get existing customers to return to your business more regularly generate repeat business boost short-term revenues move slow-moving items or “end of season” stock […]

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