Teaser Advertising

Teaser Advertising is exactly what the name implies: an advertisement or series of advertisements designed to:

  1. create awareness
  2. arouse interest and curiosity
  3. to forestall the target audience from making a purchase from the opposition. It is most effective just before launching a new product or announcing a sale.
  4. to alert customers to a forthcoming promotion or competition.

As with most kinds of teasing, it’s the final act that determines whether the campaign is successful or not.  It must never leave the audience unsatisfied or with the feeling they have been cheated, as everything can fall flat unless the end lives up to expectation.

The campaign has to be thought out and carefully planned:

  • Do you need to place more than one advert?
  • If only one advert, how must the final announcement be made so that readers recognise it as flowing from the teaser advert? Are you still sure you need only one advert?
  • If there is more than one advert, can they all be the same, or should each advert build on the previous one, taking the tease a step further until the announcement is made?
  • If more than one, should you place them over succeeding newspaper issues or spread them throughout one single issue?
  • Should the advertisement(s) be identified or remain anonymous?

The course of action you choose will depend on:

  1. the type of announcement
  2. the amount of time before you can make it
  3. the general market situation.  Taking motor cars as an example, the opposition is sure to be very active in the month or two before you are due to launch a new range, as they know that once it appears the pure news value will overshadow much of what they might try to do.  You can counter customers being lured to their showrooms by placing a series of teaser adverts that will help stall such purchases without giving too many of your away.

A word of caution: teaser campaigns should not run for much longer than two weeks, else curiosity can change to irritation. This needs to be considered when you deal with local or regional newspapers that might be published once or twice a week only.

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