Use your customers

They’re our greatest assets – so why not make full use of them? Our existing customers provide a great way to attract new ones – simply by making use of them in our marketing. It shouldn’t be approached as a “one-way street”, but rather as an opportunity for both of you to benefit. By including them in your promotions you can help to build their business and enhance your relationship with them.

Include their success stories in your newsletters, whether they are printed, emailed, or are online as part of your web site. Even if you don’t refer directly to your possible role in it, there is a good chance of a positive association being created. Include a photo if you can, and tell the story from the customer’s point of view.

Something which is often overlooked is sharing your customers with others. Think about allied businesses who would appreciate networking and be prepared to reciprocate, thereby bringing new business into the fold. Present it to your customers as a “favour” – that you are sure they will benefit by being introduced to these suppliers.

You’ve worked hard for your customers, so handle it correctly and get them to work for you too. It should form part of your customer retention plan.

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