Using your vehicle to distribute cards

A great way to distribute your business cards is to display them on your vehicle when parked. You can do this while shopping, going to the gym, playing golf – whatever!

Sure, there’s bound to be certain amount of “tire kicking” and resultant wastage, but it’s a fairly inexpensive way of promoting your business when you’re not available for direct contact.

If you’re going to go this route, do it professionally – don’t stick down a handmade cardboard box onto the side of your vehicle. The best way is to get a box with a lid to protect your cards from rain – and have one on either side of your vehicle. It should ideally be fixed to the vehicle with a strong tape for easy removal. A proper card holder will also have a display area on it so you can insert an advertisement.

Here’s an example of a such a vehicle display unit.  It’s available via Amazon, but  speak to your screenprinter and ask their advice on where this can be sourced locally. Or, maybe they can make one for you using perpsex.

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