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A Slogan
A slogan is your company or brand’s statement, a single-sentence summary of the image or promise they wish to project. Slogans are meant to be positive projections, but we’ve all heard of them being thrown back at their owners from time to time — usually in an insulting fashion!

By the way, “slogan” means “battle cry”, derived from a combination of two Gaelic words:
Sluagh = army
Gairm = yell

If you intend using a slogan, make sure it’s an ACCURATE statement of your business and that it won’t backfire on you. If you’re happy with it, use it in your advertising as part of your company signature. And, don’t be tempted into using some vague statement such as “We’re small enough to care”. Let it mean something more to your public.

Often, slogans form part of a logo in print form, and are always depicted in a certain typeface. When spoken they are slogans, but in print form they are then also logos. Confusing? You bet!

Some aspects to bear in mind when creating a slogan are:

  • As with a logo, identify the qualities or aura of your product, service or business that you wish the slogan to convey.
  • Identify the words most apt to reflect those characteristics.
  • Using those words, try them in various combinations.
  • Reduce this list to a short one, and research it.
  • Keep it simple and easily pronounceable, make it easy to write.
  • It MUST be legible in small and large type.
  • Be original to avoid confusion with other products and companies.
  • Like the logo, visual comprehension must by easy.
  • Let it have staying power, but not just so that you can live with it. A topical slogan can easily become a handicap later.
  • Be careful of creating a slogan that tells your public too much about what your business does and not enough about what it stands for. Competitors who offer the same products or services can enjoy an advantage if their slogans are more powerful than yours.
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