Personalised Notepads

Having a notepad with your logo and contact details on it is a great alternative to fliers and even business cards – or as a supplemental tool to both. Plus, in A6 size it can be used as a compliment slip – helping you cut down on another form of stationery. As an A5 it can be used for business meetings and conferences.

  • Businesses can use it as gifts along with a worthwhile order
  • Accommodation establishments can leave a small pad in every room and at reception.
  • It creates a good impression when used as a notepad during meetings or conferences .

One need not distribute an entire pad every time – if the pad consists of 100 gummed sheets you can simply pull off what you think is needed, e.g. a pack of 5 per room or 20 sheets for one kind of customer and 50 sheets for another.

Talk 2 provides 4 A6 pads per order or 2 A5 pads at a time.